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Organizational and Management Model – 231 Model

N&C srl has adopted an Organisation and Management Model in accordance with the provisions of the Organisation and Management Model provided for by Legislative Decree 231 - 8 June 2001, approved by a resolution passed by the shareholders' meeting held on 07/12/2020.

In implementation of the provisions of Article 6(i)(b) of Legislative Decree 231/01 – according to which a condition for granting an exemption from administrative liability is the existence of a Body that has autonomous powers of initiative and control, which supervises the operation and compliance with the model (MOG) and ensures its updating – a Supervisory Body has been established at N&C srl in a collegial form.

Employees, managers and directors are required to report all relevant information relating to the life of the company to the Supervisory Body to the extent that it could expose the company to the risk of crimes and offences or involve violations of the Model, as well as information relating to the breach of the rules set out in the Model or crimes or offences being committed.

Below you can consult the documents that comprise the 231 Model for N&C srl:

  • Code of Ethics, which defines the principles of fairness, probity, loyalty, transparency with which the business is carried out, as well as the rules of conduct, undertakings and responsibility of executives and directors, employees, collaborators and third parties who have a relationship with the company
  • Disciplinary System
  • Supervisory Body
  • General Part MOG 231

In order to flag any known or suspected violations of the 231 Model or the Code of Ethics the Supervisory Body or to request further information, please send an email to:

Reports cannot be accepted anonymously, however the Supervisory Body guarantees the absolute confidentiality and anonymity of the reporting persons, without prejudice to the legal obligations and the protection of the rights of N&C srl, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.