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Multimedia systems and augmented reality


Over the years, N&C has gained experience in the design, construction and management of Rooms and Events, creating a consolidated team over time able to meet the needs of many customers.

From design to construction: : N&C scrupulously follows its customers in order to best meet all their needs.

Through photographic inspections and measurements of all places, technical design of the electrical diagrams and any final renderings, N&C guides the customer in relation to choosing the most suitable solution and products for the creation of multimedia rooms.

The N&C experience is based on the creation of different types and sizes of rooms: over 500 meeting rooms have been designed to accommodate from 6 to 32 users, conference rooms that can accommodate up to 400 users, large video and led walls, the creation of Video Conference Rooms incorporating the latest generation and widely-used technologies such as Cisco Conference, Polycom, Logitech and based on various multimedia platforms such as BT-Conference, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams Meeting, Zoom, the implementation of systems for Digital Signage and Room Booking.

In order to guarantee the highest quality in the integration of audio, video and control (AVC) systems, N&C has obtained the UNI 11799:2020 certification relating to the integration services of audio, video and control systems.

Currently N&C manages and maintains approximately 500 rooms for FCA and another 200 for CNHInd, and has also created and maintains in the region of 800 multimedia classrooms for the Ministry of Justice, distributed throughout the nation (islands included).

The different plants are managed on site thanks to a widespread distribution of its staff across the various sites.

The highly specialized staff is responsible for verifying the correct functioning of the Audio and Video systems, the management, scheduling and booking of meetings but also the welcome service, , and offers a support service for streaming and online courses with onsite or remote technical support.

Through a dedicated Business Unit, N&C has excellent experience in the development of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) solutions, now commonly called Extended Reality (XR).

We develop solutions for training and business, making the best use of new technologies in increasingly innovative projects.



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