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Design and implementation of Voip solutions for companies




We actively collaborate with the major national and international carriers on important projects for the implementation of Voice over IP solutions.

Unified Communication allows companies to make the most of most of their communication resources (TDM or VoIP telephone exchanges, Instant Messaging, Chat, eMail, Fax Server and Videocommunication).

In a corporate situation, it has become essential to communicate both internally and externally in an immediate and efficient way.

The competitive advantage of every company is the natural consequence of an effective management of its tools and the technology that makes them available.

The adoption of new work tools that can be used both in the workplace and in leisure time, helps employees to increase efficiency and enjoy a more natural approach with technology.

In today's business world, where work can be done from home or on the move, the convergence of communications and IT allows companies to change the way they do business.

N&C, together with its design team and certified Expert Engineers, after analysing the customer's requests, is able to find the best solution that meets needs in terms of both architecture and technology.

The partnership developed over the years with Unify, allows N&C to make use of their collaboration and support.

Implementation of Voip solutions for your company

The implementation of a solution requires the correct management of a range of resources in the field, whether they are internal resources to N&C or external resources.

N&C makes available a Project Manager to its customers for each project, who is able to coordinate the various activities and means the customer has a single reference point for communications.

Installations, from the simplest to the most complex, are carried out with the aim of providing the customer with the least possible disruption, both in the preliminary phases and in the cut-over phase.

N&C provides its customers with a NOC management centre that is able to constantly monitor the equipment under management.

The N&C structure distributed throughout the country makes it possible to carry out all necessary on-site technical interventions in order to resolve issues as soon as possible. The N&C warehouses located in the northern, central and southern areas of Italy are equipped with a sufficient number of spare parts able to cope with most of the faults that occur on the equipment covered by maintenance contracts.

Proactive monitoring is one of the key strengths of the services offered by N&C.

This often allows us to detect problems and intervene before they become blocked faults.

Contact Center

Choosing the right Contact Center solution is critical to the competitiveness and profitability of many companies.

The ability to align your Customer Interaction strategy and communication technologies is a key factor in determining the success and quality of your customer service.

N&C has gained significant experience over the years in implementing successful Contact Center solutions and together with the know-how of our experts and our integration capacity, we are in a privileged position to help you create a powerful customer interaction platform tailored to your business needs.

N&C Experts can advise, implement, optimize and manage Customer Interaction solutions for a wide range of organizations.

Our solutions include multi-media, multi-channel interaction systems, tools and applications for agent and supervisor workstations, and customer relationship management technologies.

The use of management tools (such as statistics, resource planning and quality monitoring) makes it possible possible to identify key indicators that can measure the performance of the management service by improving the management of customer interactions.



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